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Window Shutters Wooden-Automatic-Electric Models for Door and Window

 When it comes to window covering accessories, window blinds are a common choice. Moreover, many people prefer to put window shade or blinds instead of using regular curtains. There are many different types of window blinds on the market with many innovative features that appear regularly.

Window blinds are very stylish in design and work best in residential and commercial settings compared to curtains best suited for residential areas. A well-designed window blind can look sleek, stylish, aesthetically appealing and elevate the space.

Types of Window Shutters

Vertical Louvers

As the name suggests, these are vertical blinds where a slat runs from top to bottom in a vertical setting. These types of blinds are easy to maintain and you can use different methods according to their materials when cleaning veritcal blinds. If the blinds are made of faux wood, a simple wet cloth will do the job, whereas if they are made of fabric you can vacuum them.

In addition, it has apt for blinds-floor windows-patio or ceiling. Vertical blinds are versatile and look good on almost any window type.


This type of blinds is one of the most popular types of horizontal blinds. The slats of the blinds are attached with thin fabric strips. When raising the louvers, the lower slats are pushed and inserted into the slats above, giving it a stylish look.

Also, such blinds are fully customizable as they can be produced in a variety of materials and sizes.

These blinds can be put on any window, but they are more suitable for smaller windows.

Mini Shutters

Mini blinds are similar in features to blinds, but the blades are less than an inch thick. However, thicker blinds are more aesthetic and easier to clean compared to mini blinds.

In addition, there is even a micro version of the blinds that are only half an inch thick.

Wood Panel Shutters

Panel blinds look elegant and are a great choice for large windows or even patio doors. These louvers have slats with vertical louvers that move along a track. It works as the best solution for room divider purposes suitable for residential and commercial use.

Pleated Blinds

Such blinds have pleated slats in the form of an accordion-like pattern that can be raised or lowered; however, they function like a shadow because you cannot set them side by side.

Roman Shutters

Roman blinds are one of the most traditional and oldest types of blinds that look very elegant and luxurious when placed over large windows. These blinds are usually made of jute fabric, seagrass, canvas and cotton.

When you amp up the Roman shades, they fold into themselves, similar to the function of blinds. The benefit of using fabric is that you have the option to cover these hues with blackout material to prevent any light from leaking in.

However, these shades can look bulkier than others on the list because when folded into themselves they can create a large pile of fabric on top.

Many of these shades are highly customizable, from stitch color to blunt materials; one has the option to customize them according to the interior and requirements.

If you notice dust and dirt collecting on your blinds while using them, it's time to give them a good cleaning. But when cleaning vertical blinds or others, you should make sure to double-check the materials they are made from.